Items Recommended to take on the Journey

Set of Ihraam *
Necessary Hajj and Dua books (these may be confiscated at the airport)
Mussalla *
Sajdagah (mohr)
International travel plug
Alarm clock
Salt tablets
Water flask *
Money belt *
Nail cutters or scissors **
Toiletries, bath and face towels
One litre spray bottle
Your favourite snacks
Energizers or Glucose tablets
A pair of comfortable slippers
Small cloth or plastic bag for pebbles
Sleeping bag and bed sheet (important for Mina)
Credit Cards ***, Travelers cheques and cash
Scent free soap and shampoo (e.g. Simple brand)
Razor (including blade) for shaving of the head (men only) **
Paracetamols or any other prescribed medication (please inform the volunteers
   of any medical requirements)


* These items can be purchased at Jeddah Airport

** Please ensure that nail cutters, scissors, shaving kit or anything sharp are packed into your suitcase and not in your hand luggage due to security reasons

*** Credit Cards are only accepted in Mecca and Madinah at some large stores with a possible charge. Small stores do not accept them.